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SocialTalent & VONQ Live

TA in the Age of AI



4:00pm - 5:30pm 

New York

12:00pm - 1:30pm

Los Angeles

9:00am - 10:30am

SocialTalent & VONQ Live

TA in the Age of AI


Dublin/London: 4:00pm - 5:30pm 

New York: 11:00am - 12:30pm

Los Angeles: 8:00am - 9:30am

Event Overview

From skills enablement to practical application, AI’s potential seems limitless. But is it set to become the most transformative force in talent acquisition? 

Join SocialTalent and VONQ on March 20th for an online event exploring this very topic. Hear from global leaders and industry experts as we examine how this emerging technology is impacting every corner of recruitment.

What you'll learn

Aimed at Recruiting Leaders, Heads of TA, Talent Acquisition Professionals, and those in the People Ops and HR space, this webinar will facilitate leader-led discussion, Q&As, and interactive chat amongst attendees.

We’ll be examining how AI is interacting with the recruiting space, seeing how renowned organizations are tackling this era of tech renaissance, and look at some of the innovative tools already in-use.


Panel 1:

The Evolution of Recruiter Skills in an AI Future

This first panel will see Kelly Tomkins and Natalie Glick talk about how recruiting, and the skills involved with this role, will continue to change as AI optimizes and innovates.

Fireside Chat: with Thom Staight, GM Global Talent Acquisition EMEA & Asia, Microsoft

Johnny Campbell will facilitate this conversation with Thom Staight from Microsoft. Here they’ll look at how the company is approaching AI from a recruiting standpoint, learnings they’ve already observed, and what’s next in-store for Microsoft.

Panel 2:

Recruiter Tools in the Current AI Landscape

VONQ’s VP of Multi Posting Partnerships, Jim Berrisford, will host this lively discussion with Yasar Ahmed, Modiara Kamps, and Norma Taylor-Ladousse around the current impact of AI in your businesses (Attraction, Branding, Skills, DEI, Jobs), what tech are you using to leverage AI, what’s next, and what advice and guidance would you offer.

 Your Hosts and Speakers

Natalie Glick, Director of Talent Acquisition Strategy - BCG
Modiara Kamps, Head of Employer Branding - EMESA
Johnny Campbell, CEO and Founder SocialTalent
Natalie Glick, Director TA Strategy - BCG
Modiara Kamps, Head of Employer Branding - EMESA - BCG
Johnny Campbell, CEO and Founder, SocialTalent
Norma  (2)
Norma Taylor-Ladousse, CMO Talent Acquisition, L'Oréal
Thom Staight,  GM Global Talent Acquisition EMEA & Asia
Jim Berrisford VP of Multi Posting Partnerships
Kelly Tompkins, Global Recruitment Capability Lead, Accenture
Yasar Ahmad, Global VP of People HelloFresh


Who is SocialTalent?

SocialTalent is a market-leading learning platform for organizations that want to transform how they hire, lead, and engage top talent.


Who is VONQ?

VONQ is a global leader in recruitment marketing and talent acquisition, providing innovative solutions that simplify the recruitment process for companies, recruitment agencies, and ATS users. 

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